Announcing The Winners of the Griffin AirCurve Play and Speck Cases!

So far the weekly contests have been a huge hit, and we owe this completely to our faithful readers. You are the reason we keep this contest going each week, and will continue to do so as long as we receive interest in it.

We have chosen a winner at random for both the Griffin contest and the Speck contest.

Here are the winners of each one:

For the Griffin AirCurve Play:

  • Renee Holmes

For the Speck cases:

  • John Carroz
  • Carol Pickerel
  • Kathy Crawford
  • Shelly Rinehart

Will you be on this list next? Leave a comment on our Contest Page and find out! You have until end of day Friday to enter to win. But don’t procrastinate it!

Author: Brad Molen

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