Wi-Fi only HTC Flyer shows up in Germany, costs just 499 euro

The HTC Flyer is HTC’s first foray into the Android tablet space, first announced last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Since the official unveiling, we’ve seen the Flyer pop up in Germany once, and that was at Amazon with a pre-order price of 669 euro. That was for the 3G version of the tablet, since apparently it will also come in a Wi-Fi-only iteration.

This 3G-less Flyer has been spotted by TabletBlog.de at CyberPort, a German electronics retailer. The price? 499 euro. That’s a lot more affordable than the 3G version, and one has to wonder whether that 3G chip costs 170 euro. Or, if not, why HTC is going with this pricing.

Anyway, if you’re in Germany, you can now pre-order both the 3G version of the Flyer from Amazon, and the Wi-Fi-only version from CyberPort. It’s clearly only a matter of time before HTC’s first Android-powered tablet makes it onto different shores.

Via NetbookNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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