HTC ChaCha, Motorola Xoom names allegedly infringe trademarks

Like many other mobile devices, the just launched Motorola Xoom isn’t lawsuit-proof.

A company called Xoom Corporation has just sued Motorola, implying – of course – that the phone and tablet maker infringes the Xoom trademark with its new Android Honeycomb product.

Xoom Corporation is a global money transfer company (much like Western Union and MoneyGram, I guess), so I’m not sure if it can prove that Moto’s tablet can in any way confuse customers with its name. Anyway, a detailed analysis of the lawsuit is available at FOSS Patents (via MocoNews).

Another Android device that allegedly infringes a trademark is the HTC ChaCha – one of the new Facebook phones.

The company that sued HTC over the ChaCha name owns a website and a service called exactly ChaCha. There’s even a ChaCha Android app available for quite some time, so ChaCha may have a stronger case against HTC than Xoom Corp. has against Motorola. You can read more about this here at TechCrunch.

Author: Florin

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