Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 to ship next month in the UK, will be expensive

Samsung’s new Galaxy S II i9100 Android Gingerbread smartphone may be available in the UK as soon as next month.

British retailer Clove has it that Samsung will start shipping the new Galaxy in mid or late March.

Unsurprisingly, the smartphone will be quite expensive:

The 16GB version can be pre-ordered for £510 (€596) without VAT, or for £612 (€715) with VAT, while the 32GB version currently costs £590 (€690) without VAT, and £708 (€828) with.

These prices are subject to change, though, and it’s likely that you’ll have to pay less for the handset if you wait for it to become available first (without pre-ordering it).

The Galaxy S II is Samsung’s first Android 2.3 handset, and the first to come with a dual-core processor. It’s also one of the world’s thinnest smartphones (measuring 8.5mm) – only NEC’s Medias is thinner (7.7mm).

Author: Florin

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