Verizon HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone 7 device may come in March

Windows Phone 7 is slowly but surely making its way onto the CDMA carriers’ networks. First announced was the HTC Arrive for Sprint, which is due out on March 20. However, up until now we haven’t heard anything conclusive about any specific Windows Phone 7 device being headed to Verizon, after all the USA’s biggest CDMA carrier.

According to WinRumors though, Verizon will launch the HTC 7 Trophy as its first WP7 device sometime in late March. That would more or less coincide with Sprint’s Arrive launch, and it makes sense. Verizon will reportedly charge $200 for the 7 Trophy, provided you sign a new two-year contract (as is customary with smartphones in the US).

Both the HTC Arrive for Sprint and HTC 7 Trophy for Verizon will have WP7’s first major update, codenamed NoDo, already preinstalled when they ship. This is the update that will, among other things, bring copy and paste functionality to Microsoft’s platform. This update will also improve application start-up and resume times.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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