Verizon nixes mandatory data plan for the Motorola Xoom

Available as of yesterday from Verizon Wireless, the Motorola Xoom costs $599 on contract, or $799 without contract.

Initially, Verizon said that all customers – even those who buy the tablet sans contract – must also purchase at least one month of 3G service with the Xoom, which means an extra $55 (a $35 activation fee, plus $20 for 2GB of data).

Now, according to Computerworld, Verizon changed its mind regarding the mandatory data plan. In consequence, if you want the Xoom without contract, you no longer have to sign up for a data plan.

Verizon’s official website still says that a plan is required, but that should be changed pretty soon. Until then, if you want to buy the tablet right away, you can “contact customer care to have the data plan removed and the cost refunded after making a purchase.”

Author: Florin

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