AT&T HTC Aria Finally Gets Froyo Update

We mentioned yesterday that the Android 2.2 update was going to be coming to the HTC Aria on AT&T, and it indeed showed up as promised. But have you, overjoyed HTC Aria user, updated yet? If not, this will be a fun weekend diversion for you.

To get Froyo on the Aria, all that’s involved is a download from HTC’s support site. The file is 165 MB, so just ensure that you have enough room somewhere on your computer, and also make sure that your Aria has been fully backed up so you don’t lose any of your precious data.

Then, once it’s downloaded, please come back and let us know how the experience was, and how it has changed your Aria (for good or for worse)!


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Author: Brad Molen

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  • Christo Pherwas

    I have AT&T internet access on my computer in a spare bedroom, and my new Wii system set up in the living room.—Tips-to-Select-Best-Wrinkle-Cream&id=5871930

  • Guest

    I upgraded my Aria yesterday in less than five minutes…I have been trying to upgraded my captivate since thursday with no luck!!!

  • guest

    Download was painful. Install was super easy. It’s a lot faster. When an alert comes in and you unlock the phone, instead of showing the alert the notification bar now helpfully says AT&T. Gee, thanks for that you clowns. Really though, other than that, I love 2.2 Just apps to sd is enough to recommend this update.