Apple’s new iPad 2 to come in white?

In just two days from now, Apple will announce a brand new iPad, most probably called iPad 2 – since the Cupertino company doesn’t really like surprises when it comes to naming its products.

What would be surprising, though, is if the new iPad had a white version (we all know Apple had and still has problems with making white hardware).

9to5mac has received a photo of what’s likely to be an iPad 2 bezel. And, as you can see below, it’s a white bezel:

In the meantime, BGR reported about an image that’s said to show the back of the new iPad. However, it turned out that this, probably, is just a fan-made rendering (although it might be an almost accurate depiction of what the real iPad 2 looks like):

So, will the new iPad really have a white version? Will it have a rear camera? Will it be even more magical than the first model? We’ll find out on Wednesday!

Author: Florin

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