HTC Thunderbolt Gets Greenlight, Ready to Ship?

We know, we know: there is a new rumor related to the release of the HTC ThunderBolt every single day. Though if these latest pieces of intelligence are trustworthy, that annoyance may soon be over. Two different sources, one a public tweet and another a private tip, both confirmed that Verizon Wireless has finally given its blessing to the HTC ThunderBolt and it is now ready to ship to stores.

If this is true, this means we should likely see the ThunderBolt get released in a matter of days. And after all the delays, we won’t be surprised if there aren’t too many of you left hanging around and waiting for it to show up. But this revamped Desire HD with its 4.3″ screen and true Verizon LTE installed running at 5-12 Mbps normally will be a hot item and rather lustworthy.

The release date of the ThunderBolt could easily be the rumored March 4 date that’s been talked about for quite some time now, though March 10 is rather realistic as well.

What’s been the holdup? Nobody knows for sure, but supposedly there have been several reasons leading to the delays, such as firmware problems that show off abnormally short battery life.

via Electronista

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Sifatulikihihifo

    about dang time… but im still not giving my hopes up.

  • dj

    Yea Verizon needs to get it together everybody else got 4g phones but us hurry up Verizon

  • Christian

    Where did these tweets come from?

  • djf

    Well, I will believe when I see it!! Besides, all this hype is BEST BUY’S fault!! B.Buy SUCKS!!! Theystarted all this up. verizon never to state a release date!!!~

  • djf

    now i’m hearing that the plans for 4g/lte are not going to be unlimted. its going to be 50. & 80. for X amount of usage. is that correct?

  • djf

    sorry, thunderbolt not incred

  • djf

    one more thing. our best buy took all access…. off shelves for incred. whats up

  • Waterboy


  • adw

    I read the same thing, that would not be good if they decided to do a tiered pricing for limited amount of usage.