Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now has more than 9,000 apps

A little over two weeks since it reached the 8,000 app milestone, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now lists more than 9,000 apps. 9,046 at the time of writing, to be precise.

And while it hasn’t hit 10,000 in the last two weeks, as anticipated when the previous milestone was reached, the growth is still strong. And at this rate, the WP7 Marketplace will soon reach 10,000 apps. Its growth is impressive, and far outshines what Android saw in its first months. However, during Android’s first months, there was only one phone out (the G1), and that wasn’t widely distributed, plus the hardware wasn’t very appealing, to put it mildly. Windows Phone 7, on the other hand, debuted with a handful of devices on many carriers across the world, so perhaps that comparison is way off.

However, the number of WP7 apps is growing at a similar rate to what the iTunes App Store had seen in its first months of existence, and that’s no small feat to pull. And it can only keep growing. Next year, with the release of the first Nokia Windows Phones, the number of developers coming to WP7 can only increase, and with it, the number of apps.

And in a few months these milestones probably won’t be news anymore, since WP7 would have gathered enough apps to be considered at the same level, in terms of app choice, as iOS and Android.

Via wpcentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Allen Cross

    More than 9000 WP7 apps? Wow.

    That’s more than the number of phones they’ve sold. 😉

  • Dez

    The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

    Microsoft is paying for apps to be made. That’s the only thing that increases its app count. But it’s hollow. It’s not a natural ecosystem.

    And nobody’s home. Nobody is buying these phones, hence Microsoft’s desperate move to marry Nokia (a deal that won’t work).

    Windows Phone 7 is in real danger of being cancelled. Yes, Microsoft has the money to keep promoting it, but the mobile telcos are not happy as the phones are not selling (even though they were heavily promoted with free offers).

  • George Patrick Collins

    so you have a windows phone 7 then dont judge it till you have tried it dont be down on them just cause there trying to join the smart phone fight for supremacy and doing a pretty damn good job of it too if you ask me i have a winpho 7 and its great couldnt have been happier to switch from the iphones boring and idiot friendly interface.

  • Tokes

    i wish MS well and think it only adds to the game having another player in the market but I don’t think the number of apps in the marketplace is a good metric of their success or otherwise – it’s quality not quantity that matters – 1000 fart apps doesn’t count.

  • Somila

    And you are a fortune teller.

  • Hcker66

    Have WP7 for 5 months now and everything works, i can do so many things on it, and yes it does have ‘half multitasking’ I can talk on the phone and browse on bing to look up directions etc. Love the AMOLED screen, and almost 10,000 apps to pick from! Soon with new developers from Nokia, WP7 will easily surpase BlackBerry leaving it in the dust. The battle begins between, iOS, Droid and WP7!

  • Alan

    I actually don’t want more than say, 100,000 apps. At some point it gets annoying filtering through the hundreds of thousands of apps to find that single one that you want. If an app doesn’t sell a single copy for, say 2 weeks or whatever, it should be removed. Trim the fat so to speak…