HTC Desire S will be available from 3 UK in April, Wildfire S in May, ChaCha in June

We’ve known for a couple of weeks that the HTC Desire S, the Wildfire S as well as the Facebook-powered ChaCha will be sold by 3 in the UK at some point, but two important details were missing back then: when and for how much.

And while the latter is still a mystery (well, sort of – you can already guess that all three devices will be free on contract, with only the amount you need to pay per month perhaps differing), we now have official word on when these new HTC Android smartphones will make it to 3 in the UK.

The Desire S will become available from 3 in April. That fits well with Amazon UK’s projected shipping date for this particular smartphone. The HTC Wildfire S, however, will only be joining the party in May, and the ChaCha will come even later, in June.

So it looks like there’s still some waiting to do if you’re after any of these three newly-announced HTC Android smartphones, at least if your mobile network operator is 3 in the UK.

Via DialToSave

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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