iPad 2 to be followed by iPad 3 later this year?

Apple is all set to announce the iPad 2 later today (March 2), and if you think this will be the only new iPad introduced in 2011… well, you may be wrong.

According to CultofMac, an anonymous Apple employee declared that a newer iPad – iPad 3 – is “on track for release later this year.”

Reportedly, the iPad 3 is the one that customers should really wait for, since the iPad 2 is a “ho-hum update”, “more of a speed bump than a redesign” – much like the iPhone 3GS was for the iPhone 3G, maybe?

Unfortunately, the Apple staffer didn’t say what specs the iPad 3 will have.

Until we hear more about the third generation iPad, let us remind you what the iPad 2 should bring: two cameras (one on the back and one on the front – for FaceTime video calling), a speedier processor, more RAM, and possibly both GSM and CDMA connectivity. The new Apple tablet should be thinner than the current model, and there may even be a white version of it. We’ll have all the details as soon as Apple announces the device.

Author: Florin

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  • Patel

    new developments are now on daily basis. Android has gone far compared to ipad. Latest Android 3 is superior on Motorola hardware which uses latest technologies. I don’t think ipad2 will break anything. not even will go par Android 3. Why?? Because Android & its HW are on constant development &
    many Gients have joined it because of it. while ipad in like once in a year developments.

  • http://twitter.com/ToneDetox1 Tone Detox

    Its good new that iPad 2 to be followed by iPad 3 later this year. Because I want to buy this type of Iphone thanks for this outstanding invention.

  • Anonymous

    We all are waiting for the Ipad 2 From last Few Months and Now its Look like its Officially Coming Today. We cant wait any more. I hope that New ipad 2 comes with lots of new Features and Front Face Camera also.