RIM BlackBerry PlayBook launching on April 10?

It looks like RIM’s first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, will not be released this quarter, as initially rumored.

According to BGR and multiple (undisclosed) sources, the PlayBook will be available in retail locations starting April 10. Of course, this is the launch date for the US (and maybe Canada, too). Europe and other markets will likely get the tablet sometime later this year.

The PlayBook will be available in three 4G versions: LTE (for Verizon), WiMax (for Sprint), and HSPA+ (for AT&T and T-Mobile).

Running a brand new BlackBerry Tablet OS (which relies on QNX technology), the 7 inch, dual-core PlayBook will have prices staring at $399 (for the 8GB version).

Now let’s wait and see how the PlayBook will manage to attract customers, despite the new wave of Android tablets, and Apple’s iPad 2 – which are going to flood the market soon.

Author: Florin

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  • Cee

    I’m pretty impressed with the Apple’s marketing plan. Announced the iPad 2 and it’s out in 9 days unlike RIM announcing the Playbook months ago and their device is still not out. I gradually lost interest on the Playbook. Makes you wonder whether their device is really ready. I liked what Motorola did with their Xoom releasing their tablet early and will get software updates along the way. At this point, I will be getting the iPad with Verizon’s data plan costing only $20 a month. Sorry RIM, you guys took too long.

  • Kingkong

    I was a big fan of the Playbook as well and was waiting for it. Since Apple will release the iPad2 this month, I will probably go with them. Like Cee said, it makes you wonder if the Playbook is really ready for a public release. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore my Blackberry phone and will always.

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    I think the PlayBook will be released too late, but as they say the apps are good, it will be able to give good competition to Ipad or at least the first iPad. :)