Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 on pre-order in Australia, should ship in April

While customers over in the UK might be able to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 starting this month, Australian customers won’t be that lucky.

MobiCity has the new Galaxy (the 16GB version) on pre-order now for 899 Australian dollars – about 910 USD (that may be a lot, but it’s actually a price lower than the one listed by UK retailer Clove).

MobiCity says the Galaxy S II will be shipped in April, so it may take well over a moth until you get it, even if you pre-order it right away.

It’s not clear if the Galaxy S II that will reach Australia uses Samsung’s Exynos processor, or Nvidia’s Tegra 2. Either way, it will be one of the hottest smartphones to hit the southern hemisphere this autumn (yes, it’s autumn there now, you know?)

Via AusDroid

Author: Florin

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