Verizon Motorola Xoom Unboxing

The Verizon-branded Motorola Xoom may not need much of an introduction, since it’s been lighting up headlines all over the place ever since its unveiling at CES 2011 (and even its brief appearance as “unnamed Motorola tablet prototype” when Andy Rubin was interviewed at All Things D).

Regardless, the Xoom is a landmark device, stepping up as the first batter in a lineup of heavy hitters all hoping to compete with the elephant in the room known as the iPad (1 and 2). Rounding out the lineup are Blackberry, WebOS and the Xoom’s Android Honeycomb brethren. Heck, there’s even a little Gingerbread thrown in for good measure. Being the second realistic competitor of what can only be called the Apple domination (behind the original Samsung Galaxy Tab) has a heavy responsibility behind it. Google is throwing all of its Android support at the Honeycomb tablets, and the Xoom is a huge representative of that work. If the Xoom fails, what will that say about the rest of the Honeycomb tablets coming after it?

There are two separate elements for which Motorola has significant pressure riding on it: being the very first Honeycomb device, and being the first “iPad killer” that is the same size and has the same capabilities as its primary competitor. A lot of people are watching the Xoom’s launch very closely.

And it definitely packs a punch. The Xoom is running off a Tegra 2 dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz, including 32 GB internal memory, dual cameras, dual LED flash, hefty battery, 10.1-inch display, and some powerful software.


So without further delay, let’s venture into the box of the Xoom and get some first impressions. Check out the video below.

Author: Brad Molen

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