Motorola Xoom now $100 cheaper with coupon

No matter how you look at it (or how much of a Motorola and/or Android fanboy you are), the Motorola Xoom is expensive. At $799.99, the world’s first tablet to be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb is anything but affordable. And even if it may have specs comparable to the more expensive iPads, it’s very, very far away from that tablet’s introductory price of just $499.99.

And Motorola seems to have (finally) realized this. For they’ve made available a coupon which, once applied in the official Motorola online store, will take the Xoom’s price down to a more palatable $699.99, shaving a full $100 off its price. We’re talking about the model that has both Wi-Fi and 3G, and is upgradeable to LTE, Verizon’s choice of 4G.

Now the Xoom isn’t very cheap even at this price, but it may make it seem a sweeter deal than it was originally. If it seems so to you, go to the Motorola store, add a Xoom to your cart, then add the coupon code MOTOXOOM (how imaginative!), and bam!, $100 will be taken off its price.

There’s no telling how long this coupon will last, so if you’re after a Xoom and would like to take advantage of it, act fast.

Via Android and Me

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Tablewaxe

    Already dead. Just tried

  • Tech4growth

    Motorola specs are not comparable but much higher than ipad 2 .. hd display, 4g upgradable, 1GB RAM, stereo speakers, USB support, sd card support for more memory, swappable battery, 5MP rear camera, full HD video recording and you call the spec comparable to IPAD 2 ? Your sure are misinformed or a mindless apple fan-boy …

  • Jahangir Naina

    Yes, and all that hardware overkill and only 16 apps to run (and crash).