T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4G Unboxing

With the launch of several Galaxy S smartphones in the fall of 2010 as well as the announcement of the lineup’s sequel, the Galaxy S2, the newly-released Galaxy S 4G seems almost out of place, as if it’s between homes. It doesn’t feel quite comfortable hanging out with its older siblings, but yet seems too old for the new kiddies on the block.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is also known as the Vibrant 4G, for good reason. It is in many respects an exact replica of the Vibrant, only with 21 Mbps download speeds, a cool new silver casing and a front-facing camera for video chats. Not only are these some great specs to throw in as a way of refreshing an already good phone, it helps make the phone look better, sleeker and more modern.

Not to mention the 21 Mbps makes the Galaxy S 4G the only one on T-Mobile’s network that can go that fast; all other 4G phones like the myTouch 4G and G2 max out at 14.4 Mbps instead.

Let’s play with the phone now.

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Author: Brad Molen

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  • Dev328arh

    A very cool phone but still lacks the flash capability….

  • http://wiredgiants.com wiredgiants

    looks cool………………….thanks for dedicated review the unwired team……..