iOS 4.3 Now Allows Ringtone Purchases Direct to iPhone

Apple has a knack for releasing hidden and unannounced features in its iOS updates, which turns every iOS release (GM or beta) into an easter egg hunt. Good news, everyone, because easter eggs have been found in iOS 4.3’s Gold Master that was released to developers a couple days ago. And this one is a doozy: iOS 4.3 has enabled ringtone purchases and downloads directly to the iPhone.

So far this feature has been found on an iPhone 4, but it’s quite possible it has been enabled for the 3GS as well; we’re just not completely sure.

On 4.3, to check out ringtones go to launch the Settings app, tap Sounds, tap Ringtone, and then tap Buy More Tones. Simple enough, right?

This certainly makes for a more convenient ringtone experience, though it’s hard justifying the $1.29 purchase price on most ringtones, especially with many ringtone tools and apps out there that let you create them for free. The nice thing about the direct download on the iPhone is just not having to worry about taking extra steps and syncing your phone with iTunes in order to get those tones loaded in.

If you have the iOS 4.3 GM installed, please let us know if you find any other cool Easter Eggs inside. And if you get ringtone purchases enabled on a 3G or 3GS, we’d love to know as well!

via CultofMac


Author: Brad Molen

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