Samsung Focus to Get NoDo WP7 Update Monday?

We’ve got some interesting rumors to fire us up for the weekend. It looks like a genuine possibility that the AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone, though shunned last week from getting the pre-NoDo update, will get updated to both pre-NoDo and NoDo as well this Monday.

It’s easy to believe in this particular rumor due to the track record of the source, Rafael Rivera, aka @WithinRafael on Twitter. Rafael was spot-on with his predictions about the Arrive on Sprint, and given that the NoDo update was originally rumored to be coming out March 8, this rumor is right on track.

The only concern on our side is the fact that this rumor only corresponds with the Samsung Focus, and we haven’t heard anything about the NoDo update coming to any other WP7 phones Monday. So if this does happen, will it be platform-wide or just specifically for the Focus?

Rumors are rumors, and it hasn’t actually happened yet. So we’ll patiently wait out the rest of the weekend in anticipation of some wonderful copy/paste love for the Focus.

via WPCentral


Author: Brad Molen

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  • Anonymous

    Nope, didn’t happen

  • Anonymous

    Nope, didn’t happen

  • Anonymous

    Nope, didn’t happen

  • mithander

    What bkydcmpr said.

  • Notagain

    Nothin. Yet another inaccurate rumor. Gettin bad flashbacks of the samsung galaxy promised froyo for US 🙁

  • Aaron

    Nothing for me either. I am getting tired of trying to defend WP7 to all my iphone and android friends.

  • guest

    Well tues night and no update.