HP TouchPad Closer to Reality, Listed on Amazon

One sure sign that a product is coming in the near future is by finding a page for that product on Amazon. Such is the case with the HP TouchPad, which now owns its own little piece of real estate on the shopping giant’s site.

While the TouchPad itself is listed as “currently not available” , the page offers a way to sign up to be notified when the TouchPad finally comes out. This is certainly great news for HP fans; we’re starting to believe the rumors about the TouchPad coming out in April are plausible. If it really does come out in June or July as originally thought, we’re going to be look at a blank page for the TouchPad on Amazon for a very long time.

Also, as part of the features of the TouchPad, Amazon lists two accessories: a TouchPad stand and bluetooth keyboard. These are always welcome if they truly do come included with the TouchPad, and this would be a competitive advantage over the other major tablets that require you to pay extra for these accessories.

Visit the Amazon HP TouchPad page

via PreCentral

Author: Brad Molen

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