Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Phone Gets Blurrycam Pics

While Android is the preferred OS platform for Sony Ericsson, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t exploring all of its possible options. In fact, SE did mention at this year’s MWC that they aren’t tied to just one OS. So it shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise that we would find Blurrycam images of a possible Sony Ericsson WP7 prototype model.

The prototype we see here is a full horizontal QWERTY device with 4 rows. It’s been a very long time since we heard any rumors about SE having a Windows Phone 7 device in the works; the last one we heard about was the Julie, back in June. It’s been so long that the Julie was thought to have been scrapped. So this could mean one of two things: that these images are very old and the project is still dead (as evidenced by the older WP7 build shown off in the pics), or that the project has been brought back to life and it’s back in the development phase.

DigiTimes did report in January that the company does indeed have WP7 phones in the pipeline, adding extra fuel to the rumor’s fire.

Here’s our major hesitation on the images. With the MWC announcement of the Xperia Play, it is now much more difficult for us to be convinced that Sony Ericsson would want to pursue any platform that supports a gaming system not owned by Sony. Why would SE want to cannibalize its Xperia Play sales by offering a phone with XBox Live capabilities on it?

via Esato via WMPowerUser

Author: Brad Molen

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