Verizon HTC Thunderbolt to be launched on March 8?

While we all know that the HTC Thunderbolt is going to be released very soon by Verizon, no one knows for certain when exactly this will happen.

Well, the launch date may be March 8 – that’s what a BestBuy rep said, according to this Tweet.

Of course, this is by no means confirmed, but at least we’ve got a photo from a BestBuy store (taken a few days ago), which tells us that the price of the Thunderbolt will be $249 (on contract):

At the same time, the latest BestBuy circular (found at the retailer’s website) shows the price to be $299:

Again, all this is a bit confusing. One thing’s sure, though: you’ll have to pay more than $200 if you want Verizon’s very first LTE smartphone when it finally becomes available.

Author: Florin

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