HTC Desire S will be available in the UK before the end of this month, earlier than expected

The HTC Desire S will be the successor to the hugely successful HTC Desire. It was introduced during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, and we’ve heard before that it was headed to the UK in April. It’s expected to be available from all major operators and outlets, but so far Amazon and Three have been the only ones to actually say how soon they’ll get it.

However, it looks like they’ve both been one-upped by third party retailer Clove. In a blog post today, it explains that it will have Desire S stock a lot earlier than expected – by the end of this month actually. During the last week of March, the Desire S will start shipping if you pre-order it from Clove before then.

If you do choose to do that, the Desire S will set you back £406.80 including VAT. So for those who figure that 4-inch or 4.3-inch screens are just too big for comfortable use of a smartphone, but still want a proven hardware and software base for their handset (Qualcomm’s 1 GHz Snapdragon and HTC’s Sense UI), the Desire S will be available very soon.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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