T-Mobile changes data plans, new 10 GB option coming on March 13

T-Mobile is prepping to make some changes to its data plans. These will go in effect starting on March 13 – that’s (perhaps rather strangely) this Sunday. According to a leaked screengrab detailing the new plans, the 200 MB and 5 GB options will live on. Furthermore, they will be joined in TMo’s portfolio by a brand new 10 GB plan.

The other new thing is that all plans will be able to be pooled with voice, and therefore billed on the same account. The 200 MB plan will set you back $29.99 (or just $23.99 if pooled), the 5 GB plan will be $49.99 ($39.99 if pooled), and the new 10 GB plan will cost $79.99 (but only $63.99 if pooled).

The 5 GB and 10 GB plans will both be ‘overage free’. What that means is that if you use up all the included traffic, you won’t be billed for overages, however your speeds will be subject to throttling until your next billing cycle starts.

As the screenshot looks plenty real, we expect T-Mobile to make an official announcement regarding these changes in the next few days.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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