New Nokia E6 image leaks, shows new Symbian with 4 homescreens

The E6 looks like it will be Nokia’s highest-specced QWERTY candybar smartphone for the foreseeable future. Once it’s announced and released, that is. The E6 first had its specs leaked in January, and then was seen in the wild (but not turned on) last month.

Now a new image of the E6 has leaked, and this time the device is turned on. And that lets us see what looks like a slightly redesigned Symbian interface compared to what there is on the N8, C7 and C6-01. Of course, it may just be that only the icons are new. We’ll have to either wait for more leaks, or perhaps for Nokia to finally talk about this phone officially, to know for sure. One thing is clear – the E6 will have 4 homescreens, one more than the N8, C7, C6-01 or E7.

The Nokia E6 may be the first Nokia to have a touchscreen+QWERTY combo in a candybar form factor, which, together with the 8-megapixel camera and rumored VGA (640×480) resolution may help it to be a best-seller, at least in business circles.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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