Samsung invites unhappy Symbian developers to bring their talents to Bada

Samsung was done with Symbian months before Nokia announced it would choose Microsoft’s Windows Phone as its primary software platform, and turn Symbian into a “franchise.” One of the reasons for this was that Samsung made its own OS, namely Bada.

There are definitely many developers frustrated by Nokia’s change of plans regarding Symbian, so Samsung thought it would be a good idea to invite them to develop for Bada – which, almost ironically, has high chances to be around more than Symbian.

Samsung has sent the following email to developers in India (devs in other countries will probably get it, too):

If you are a Symbian developer unhappy about Nokia’s recent announcements, and are hence looking for a new platform to showcase your talents, we say “Hello!” and “Welcome to bada!” If you’re new to the bada development, or are moving your app from Symbian, we’d like to welcome you with the ‘Quick guide to bada development’. In about 15 minutes, you can learn how to build your first bada app!

Interested devs should be able to find any info they need on Bada here at the platform’s official website.

Samsung plans to sell 10 million Bada smartphones in the first half of this year, thus the user base will be constantly growing. So, if you’re a Symbian developer, you should really think about Sammy’s proposal of joining the Bada side.

Author: Florin

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