Toshiba says its Android Honeycomb tablet is superior to Apple’s iPad 2

Toshiba is getting ready to launch its first Android Honeycomb tablet in the following months, and the company is confident that the device will be able to stand aside Apple’s new iPad 2 (which will be available in the US starting March 11).

Toshiba even believes that its tablet (pictured below) is superior to the iPad 2.

According to SmartHouse, Rob Wilkinson, General Manager of Toshiba Australia’s Information Systems Division, declared:

“We believe that our device is superior to the Apple device, it may be a little heavier (773g), but it does have a lot of features that the iPad 2 does not have.”

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Toshiba’s 10.1 inch tablet has “a lot of” extra features, but the device does have some advantages over Apple’s new iPad, including the higher-resolution screen (1280 x 800 pixels), full-sized USB port, SD card support, and a removable battery.

Wilkinson also said that the dual-core tablet would be priced similar to the iPad 2 – so prices for the 32GB version may start at around 600 USD. We’ll bring more details as soon as we get ’em.

Author: Florin

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  • Rice

    Of course Toshiba will say that. Whether it is true or not is a different discussion.

  • HoneycombFTW

    A lot of extra features. . .
    1. full usb
    2. full hdmi
    3. HD screen
    4. full SD expansion slot
    5, at least 2x as much RAM
    6. much higher quality cameras
    7. no proprietary dongles required
    8. Honeycomb – customizable desktop, widgets, multitasking, full browser with tabs, etc. . . 😉

    I don’t know when a few becomes a lot. . . 😉
    but I’ll go for the features over anorexia

  • Chic Valley

    And what do you do with it? with less than a 100 apps, it is a nice photo viewer…

  • Douglas H.

    “…it may be a little heavier (773g)…. ”

    And Roseanne Arnold is a little heavier than Angelina Jolie.

    The Toshiba iPig is 26% heavier (iPad 2 3G is 613 grams). And the iPig’s height/width ration is, well, unusual. No mention of battery life, which probably means that you’ll need to haul around a spare battery. How much additional weight is that?

  • Garen Yöndem

    lol actually it already has many apps integrated to operating system. IOS just can’t do without 3rd party…

  • Toflytobehigh

    Toshiba? Really? Their products have a bad reputation. I have owned many of their products and always had problems. Who cares about a removable battery? Why would you want to remove the battery? Unless if your tablet freezes up just like most of the none apple products do. Apple dosent have a removable battery because they have great qaulity products. There is no need to remove a battery. I find it funny how everyone said no body would buy an iPad when they were first announced. Then once all these other companies saw its success they try to clone it. No matter if your product has more features then the iPad better resolution. People will still purchase the iPad 2. Why becuase Apple has great qaulity products.

  • HoneycombFTW

    Ever hear of this thing called the web? It has sites for email, Office suites, games, text editing, music, video, etc. . . You know, many of the same things that are “repackaged” and called apps in the app store.

  • HoneycombFTW

    OK, right! Maybe you need to hit the gym?

  • Nicko

    This thing of apps is ridiculous its like saying I have more horsepower so your car is useless or not better.The point is apple ios had head start period.Honeycomb is new and will be taking over soon with plenty of apps

  • Logan

    Why are apple fanboys so negative? Are you scared that the Toshiba will be better?
    Apple makes a great product. Toshiba’s may be just as good.
    A good friend of mine likes Asian women. I like blondes. Thank God for choices!

  • Logans

    I need a 2nd battery if I want to use it for work. So yes there is a need for a 2nd battery for some people.
    2nd, I have had to reboot my Iphone more than once. I have a friend who bought an Ipad for his wife and they panicked because it would not turn on one day–guess what? they had to to a reset. Apple is not perfect.

  • Logan

    I should also add that my Iphone battery is holding less and less of a charge. I really wish I could just order a new battery but Apple wouldn’t make any money off me then and that’s the real reason apple doesn’t make the batteries removable.