White iPhone 4 to be finally released next month?

Now that Apple announced it would ship a white version of the iPad 2 starting March 11 (tomorrow), maybe it’s time for the white iPhone 4 to be finally released, right?

According to Apple Insider and Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s hardware partners are ready to start producing white iPhone 4 units this month. Reportedly, shipments are scheduled for early April.

It looks like only the GSM iPhone 4 is getting a white version for now, so Verizon’s customers will just have to be happy with the black one.

In early February, we’ve heard that the white iPhone 4 would be released in the UK at the end of this month – but now it looks like that won’t happen. Well, we’ll bring new info on this as soon as we get it.

Author: Florin

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  • Coltrain70

    I’m so tired of Apple keeping us all in the dark about the white iPhone. They know that we love their products, but it ses that they enjoy pimping us when it comes to giving us their loyal fan base any real info as to when to expect our beloved White iPhone. Please Apple just stop the madness! I know it is money that moves busniess, but sometimes it takes a little compassion to keep your costomers and fan base (who help bring you more customers) happy!