Windows Phone 7 NoDo Update Pushed Back to End of March

Ready for a shocker? The NoDo update for Windows Phone 7, which is hugely anticipated by users of the OS because it will add copy/paste functionality, has been pushed back again. Originally in the plans to be released as early as January, it was pushed back to the first 2 weeks of March, and now has been pushed once again to the second half of the month and will be delivered via the Zune software.

This announcement was given by Microsoft directly and posted on its official French blog.

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The big question is, is anyone still surprised? And if you’re a WP7 owner, does this itch you in the wrong way?

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Sal

    What is going wrong up at Redmond?

    Microsoft does not seem able to keep up with the pace of updates that the public demands in mobile. Especially worrying, because Windows Phone 7 is already so far behind the competition.

    Microsoft got away with few updates for its desktop Windows. But this ain’t gonna work in mobile. The competition is too fierce, and laggards will fail.

    It seems that the Mango update has also been pushed back until next year.

    The way Microsoft is going, I don’t think Windows Phone 7 will survive.

  • bollocks

    wp7 will not be around for long. sad, i really like my lg quantum.