Motorola Xoom Getting Flash 10.2 Support Today (Update)

We’ve all become a little grumpy about the Flash-less and LTE-less Motorola Xoom, worried that it would be weeks before we would be able to take advantage of these updates and finally get the true Honeycomb tablet we’ve been really waiting for. We finally got word that today is the special day that Xoom early adopters can rejoice because an update is beginning to roll out that includes support for Flash 10.2.

It looks like the update will happen in phases, so if you don’t see your Xoom getting updated in the next few hours, don’t panic because it could take a day or two before you finally see it show up.

Now that Flash is coming, the only real feature the Xoom lacks (that should have come on it in the first place, if you ask us) is 4G LTE hardware. Even that will be fixed in a few short weeks, but does involve sending your unit in for at least 6 business days before receiving it back.

Lacking these two features gives the Xoom an appearance that it was simply too eager to get its product out before the rest of the competition, including the iPad 2, that it was willing to sacrifice a few important items for a short while. No way of knowing for sure if this is true or not, though.

UPDATE: When this post was originally published, it appeared that Flash was coming right away, but we were contacted by Flash reps to let us know that this update just prepares the Xoom for Flash, which is coming on March 18th. The Flash 10.2 will available in the Android Market at that time.

via Motorola Twitter Feed

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Bgulbert

    Your the only person that got this wrong. THIS IS NOT FLASH UPDATE BUT PREPARATIONS FOR FLASH UPDATE!!!!!! Duh

  • Brad Molen

    Actually, I published this post late last night. At that time everyone was getting it wrong. The clarification from Flash came this morning, just a couple hours ago. So yes, we know now that it’s just preparations for the flash update, and have published this clarification in the post. Thank you for reading.