Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Reaches 10,000 App Milestone

Less than two weeks ago, the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace celebrated reaching 9,000 apps. As of tonight, however, a much more widely recognized milestone was reached and the Marketplace now offers 10,000+ apps for download.

Though WP7 started off slow (and unsurprisingly so), it appears to be picking up some speed. It took slightly more than 2 weeks to go from 8K to 9K, so the pace is at least getting faster as more and more developers jump on the bandwagon and start throwing their hats in the ring.

Sure, the Marketplace is no iOS App Store or Android Market in comparison since it’s barely beginning, but to reach 10K in less than five months has to be great news for Microsoft as it is working hard and investing a lot into ensuring they steal market share from the other two juggernauts.

via Windows Phone 7 App List, via Engadget

Author: Brad Molen

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