Nokia C7 makes its way into T-Mobile’s inventory system, launch seems inevitable

The Nokia C7 looks all set for a launch on T-Mobile in the US, sooner or later. But perhaps sooner, judging from the number of leaks that we’ve seen recently about the C7’s availability on TMo. First, there was a simple rumor. Then, a C7 with T-Mobile specific 3G bands passed through the FCC.

And today we have a screenshot of T-Mobile’s internal inventory system, clearly showing the Nokia C7. At this point, the launch of the C7 on T-Mobile seems all but confirmed, and unless it’s going to be pulled at the last minute, expect the Symbian-powered smartphone to be in a TMo store near you at some point.

There’s still no word on pricing or a release date, or even an official announcement from T-Mobile, but we’ll keep you posted. As you can see in the image above, apparently T-Mobile hasn’t decided on a price yet, since next to the C7 $0.00 is currently listed.

Also note that the C7 may be sold under the name Nokia Astound by T-Mobile. Then again, that may just refer to the color of the device (although “frosty metal” certainly seems descriptive enough). We’ll see. The TMo-bound C7 has been referred to in the past as the Tiger, but that may have been just an internal codename, and not the final retail name.

It’s going to be interesting to see whether the C7’s launch with a carrier in the US will do anything to help Nokia’s position there. Probably not.

Via TmoNews

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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