Nokia E7 gets a minor software update

The Motorola Milestone isn’t the only smartphone that has received a software update today, it’s joined by the Nokia E7. This device, while it slowly starts to become available throughout the world, has gotten a minor software update that takes its firmware version up to 014.002.

Or, in more recent Nokia speak, this represents the PR 1.1 for the Nokia E7 (PR stands for Product Release for those of you not familiar with the Nokia language). It’s a 907 KB (yes, KB) affair, and, as all Nokia software updates, is available over-the-air. If you haven’t set your E7 to automatically notify you of new updates and want to get this update, open the SW Update application or just dial *#0000# and select ‘Check for updates’ from Options.

Keep in mind that the update is at first only available to unlocked and unbranded smartphones in some markets. Getting to worldwide availability can take some time, as for operator-branded devices – there it’s all up to your operator. You may eventually get this update, or you may not, ever. Keep your fingers crossed.

The update brings performance improvements and bug fixes. No new features here unfortunately. We’ll have to wait for PR 2.0 for those to materialize, if that will ever happen.

Via All About Symbian

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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