Want to buy an iPad 2 online? You’ll have to wait “4-5 weeks” until you actually get one

Launched with much fanfare on March 11 in the US (via both Verizon and AT&T), the iPad 2 seems to be flying off the shelves way faster than Apple can produce it.

While Apple’s online store lets users order any iPad 2 model, customers who buy one today will only receive it in 4-5 weeks.

The situation in retail stores may be different, but it’s clear that Apple can’t keep up with the demand for the new iPad. So in case you want a new tablet but don’t particularly care about its OS, you may want to check out what Android 3.0 Honeycomb has to offer.

Starting March 25, the iPad 2 should be also released in other markets around the world, including the UK. That’s if Apple won’t have to delay international shipments, of course.

Author: Florin

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