HP Veer will be available from O2 Germany in May

The HP Veer is an odd little device, supposedly the successor to the Palm Pixi. It was announced at the same time as the Pre 3 and Touchpad tablet, though understandably it has received a lot less coverage than those two. After all, this isn’t the latest webOS-powered flagship smartphone, or the first webOS-based tablet – it’s just a tiny webOS handset that’s aimed at the mid-end of the market (and at those people who don’t have large fingers, presumably).

The HP Veer was said to become available in “early Summer”, and now we have more details about how HP views the seasons. For the mobile network operator O2 of Germany has tweeted that it will start selling the HP Veer in May.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of pricing, so we don’t yet have a feel for what this device will cost. Do expect it to be significantly cheaper than the Pre 3, though to find out exactly how much cheaper you’ll have to stay put and be patient. We’ll bring you that information once we have it.

Via PreCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    I want the Pre 3 but would take it if that is all that Sprint offered. I have been with sprint too long to remember but do not want an Android so I guess I will be leaving as well. I think the Veer has more potential then people think. Especially if they can price it for $100 with a contract like the Pre 2.