HTC Arrive on Pre-Sale at Amazon, Will Ship on March 20 for $149

HTC has been a busy little bee on Amazon this evening. First we saw the HTC Thunderbolt show up on sale for $179.99 an hour or so before the clock struck March 17, and then we stumbled upon the pre-order site for the HTC Arrive!

The Arrive, which will officially go on sale March 20 for $199.99 at Sprint stores and online site, can be ordered right now for $149.99 through Amazon. This isn’t the only deal going on for pre-ordering the Arrive, however; Wirefly is offering it as well, and they’re even cheaper at $50.  Even though the site says the phones are backordered, they will begin shipping on March 20. The price will be honored for both new and existing customers.

And much like the Thunderbolt, there is a lot of hype and demand surrounding the Arrive. If you’re planning on getting the phone, it’s best to pre-order the phone so you don’t need to worry about stores running out and having the hassle of longer wait times.

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Author: Brad Molen

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