Sprint HTC Arrive Unboxing and First Impressions

Sometimes I find it too easy to make puns out of phone names. The HTC Arrive on Sprint is one of the easiest, so I will do away with the usual puns. I can understand the choice of the name this time, however, because the Arrive is the very first Windows Phone 7 device to operate on CDMA, and it certainly won’t be the last.

With the HTC Arrive being the “arrival” of WP7 on CDMA carriers, I imagine we’ll see a wave of new CDMA WP7 devices rolling out not too far from now. Hopefully we’ll even have a few to report on at CTIA next week.

This device in particular is a full horizontal slide-out with physical QWERTY keyboard included, much like the LG Quantum, with one exception — the keyboard tilts up for easier viewing. It comes with 3.6″ WVGA display.

But the other big reason the Arrive fits its name well is because it’s the very first WP7 device to come with the latest update, aka NoDo, and it’s pre-installed. This brings the much-awaited copy and paste functionality to Windows Phones as well as a few other minor enhancements.

My first impressions? I dig it. I love the look of the phone and it feels about the same as the EVO Shift 4G in my hand: heavier because of the full keyboard, but designed well enough to feel comfortable holding it. I have typically been a fan of HTC’s designs. In fact, I’m absolutely fond of the tilting mechanism the phone uses. When you see the video, you’ll get a better idea of it, but here’s a brief picture.

I really enjoy the keyboard because first and foremost, it is a 5-row keyboard which means it includes a number row at the top. Far too many phones leave this option out in order to make the phone as small as possible. The keys are separated and just a little bubbly, which means there’s enough give to provide feedback for your fingers, yet not so bouncy that it feels like you’re typing on a trampoline.

In our unboxing today we will get some first impressions of the phone with its keyboard, copy and paste, and any other goodies we can find. So check out the video below to see the HTC Arrive, making its way into Sprint stores on March 20 for $199 on contract. In addition there will be a $10/month premium data charge required.

Here’s the full video of my unboxing and first impressions:


Author: Brad Molen

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  • Tim

    I have been anxiously awaiting the releas of a W7 phone on the Sprint network. I am dissappointed however that this phone is 3G and not 4G. I guess I will need to wait just a little longer.