Apple Plans Free MobileMe Integrated with iOS 5 Next Month

A couple weeks ago I ranted about the mysterious disappearance of MobileMe and the lack of any explanation as to where it went or when it’s coming back. We knew Apple had something grander in mind with MobileMe, iTunes, and the cloud, but we weren’t sure what it was. Recently we learned that Apple may or may not be holding an event next month to discuss the new version of iOS and MobileMe, and now we are hearing noise that these two are being introduced together because they’re so tightly woven together.

This makes sense to me, though. Apple is putting a large emphasis on cloud features, and the only way to do it efficiently is to tie it together with its main mobile operating system. Reports are saying that the new revamped MobileMe will act more like an online locker for music, videos and pictures. This sounds to me like it’s just like iDisk from the current MobileMe, but I have a feeling there will be a lot more integration between the OS and the locker this time, instead of just accessing it with an app.

I’m excited to see what may come of this integration of iOS with the cloud. But please, Apple, throw in more stuff than that. A new notification system, perhaps?

via iLounge


Author: Brad Molen

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  • :|

    I second the notifications request, and maybe a revamped multitasking option. I know its not true multitasking and while that would be great, I’m fine with fast app switching but the little scrolling bar and double tap set up is tedious, and there’s not even an option to clear all apps at once. Instead if you have 50 apps open in the multitasking bar you have to manually press the red x over and over and…well you get the point.

  • :|

    Or red minus sign whatever it is.

  • Guest

    Apple 3 years late lol, I wonder what spin Steve Jobs will put on this as he copies the most useful feature of android

  • JTobitt67

    I was about to sign up for MobileMe. Now I wonder if I should wait? Still, they have a 60 day free trial, so maybe it will be resolved before my 60 day trial is up?