HTC Thunderbolt Has 8 GB Internal Memory, Only 2.5 GB Can be Used

Earlier when I unboxed the HTC Thunderbolt, I marveled at the massive amount of memory that is included with the phone. Not only does the phone come with 8 GB internal storage space, Verizon and HTC also threw in a 32 GB MicroSD card to give you 40 GB total storage directly out of the box.

Today, however, I read that only 34.5 of that 40 GB is actually user-accessible, as only 2.5 GB (out of 8) internal storage is usable. I couldn’t believe it at first, but when I looked at the memory settings in my review unit, I confirmed that this is indeed the truth. My phone is currently at 2.47 GB available.

First, factor out about 1 gigabyte that is usually taken up by the needs of the OS to function. After that, there’s still 4.5 GB of storage completely unaccounted for in the Thunderbolt. It’s quite possible that a lot of this space has been partitioned off for other purposes, such as the massive amount of bloatware in the device (not mentioned in my first impressions post; the Thunderbolt has the most carrier-installed bloatware I’ve ever seen in a phone). But even so, this seems to be a LOT of storage just for games and demos.

We’ll try to reach out for more information on this, but we’re open to any theories or explanations you may have for this. Frankly, since the MicroSD inside is 32 GB, it’s not like the Thunderbolt is in dire need of extra storage space, but 5 GB is still a hefty chunk of space.

via Phandroid

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Author: Brad Molen

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  • clyde

    Did you know…Verizon rech at our local store received a memo stating that there is a problem with the SIMM card in the Thunderbolt. i saw it!

  • clyde

    word “rech” should read “tech”

  • joeviocoe

    Don’t forget that “hibernate mode” that makes fast booting possible takes up about 1 Gb.

    It stores al the content of RAM to be restored later

  • Randy Addison

    I think this Thunderbolt phone looks really promising. The design is sleek and the performance and the specifications are great also. So, I might consider checking this out in the nearest store.

  • dachillfx

    maybe it is reserved for the future updates that verizon and htc agreed to as far as maintenance fixes and hopefully a battery resolution for the short life it presents.

  • Anonymous

    probably a disk partition for offline Google-maps access…..

  • Bla

    Wow is everyon living under a rock. The incredible did the same thing and only gave you a gb available, this at least gives you 150% more. The incredible is probably one of the most consistent android phones out there too. Literally I’ve seen the least amount of issues from that phone. The other memory is just partitioned for htc sense. I thinks its a great idea. Keeps the phone stable.