Nokia E7 coming to O2 UK in May. Samsung Galaxy Ace will hit Orange

O2 UK has recently added the Nokia E7 to its website’s coming soon section, saying that the new Symbian smartphone would be available to its customers starting May.

The carrier doesn’t mention the E7’s price, but it will most probably offer the handset on various plans, so you should be able to get it for free (on contract, and with an expensive data plan, of course).

O2 isn’t the only British mobile operator that will sell the Nokia E7. Vodafone and Three will do it, too.

In other news from the UK, Orange is getting ready to launch the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Already available via Three and Vodafone, the Galaxy Ace runs Android 2.2 and will be offered by Orange for free on select plans. You can check out the smartphone at Orange’s official website.

Author: Florin

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