Windows Phone 7 NoDo update starts rolling out, brings copy&paste and more

The much-hyped, much-awaited Windows Phone 7 update called NoDo, has finally started rolling out to Windows Phone 7 device owners everywhere. This update, which Microsoft named NoDo to stand for “No Donuts” in a cheap shot at Google (since one of its Android OS versions has been named Donut), was supposed to arrive in January at first. It then got pushed back to the beginning of March, and eventually was delayed once again until the second half of March.

Which is where we are now. NoDo’s most famous feature addition is the support for copy&paste, a nice feature to have, though how many people actually can’t use a device without it is unclear. Also, Microsoft has a lot more important things to fix in its WP7 platform (hint:multitasking), but it’s taking its sweet time.

Aside from copy&paste, NoDo packs performance improvements, making apps and games start up and resume faster (which is still no multitasking). The Marketplace has also been improved, making it easier to find specific appps, games, or music, since searches are now filtered according to where you initiated them. For those of you who like to keep your Wi-Fi networks secure, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft has decided to stop hiding your phone’s MAC address from you. It’s now viewable in Settings, and you can finally connect your precious WP7 device to networks which have MAC filtering turned on. The number of Wi-Fi profiles that you can store is now unlimited (one has to wonder why that would’ve been limited in the first place), and apparently your phone will now start faster if you have loads of such profiles saved.

Also in are improvements to Outlook, MMS, better stability for syncing with Facebook accounts and switching between camera and video capture.

Microsoft has started slowly pushing the update to owners of unlocked WP7 handsets worldwide, and the update notification should reach you shortly. However, if your phone is carrier branded, tough luck. It’s unclear at this time how many such devices will get the update, or when. Apparently, O2 UK will start pushing it on March 24, but there’s no word yet on how other carriers will proceed, if at all. We’ll keep you posted.

Via WinRumors

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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