Aircell Android handset announced as “the world’s first airborne smartphone”

Aircell – the only company in the US authorized by the FCC and FAA to use frequencies in the 800 MHz band for inflight communications – has announced its first smartphone.

Called Aircell Smartphone, the device is based on an unspecified version of Android – another proof that Google’s OS is conquering everything.

The new smartphone will “allow passengers to place and receive voice calls aboard business aircraft.” Designed specifically for aircraft use, the device has a large 3.8 inch touchhscreen display (of unknown resolution), Bluetooth, integrated audio jack, and an alphanumeric keypad:

The Aircell Smartphone should be available in late 2011, probably only for US flights for the beginning. It will be used with Aircell’s Gogo Biz service, which should be upgraded to feature voice capabilities by then.

More on the Aircell Android smartphone can be found here. For details on the Gogo Biz service, you can see this press release.

Via PhoneScoop

Author: Florin

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