AT&T HD7S Shows its Face at CTIA 2011

Unlike a couple other devices we saw last night from AT&T that weren’t actually the official AT&T versions, we got a chance to play with the HTC HD7S Windows Phone 7 device that really was AT&T-branded. It’s pretty much what you would expect: an HD7 WP7 phone with a few tweaks geared toward AT&T, and a different color scheme.

The features, specs and dimensions are all the same on the HD7S with one major exception: the HD7S comes with a Super-LCD high resolution display that was not present in T-Mobile’s model, that adds an extra sharpness and brightness to the display that I never saw on the HD7. Besides the display, AT&T also threw in a few of its exclusive features, such as the U-Verse Mobile app, which offers access to a wide variety of live and recorded TV and movies for $10/month.

A few notes about the HD7S:

  • This device, unlike the original, will come with the NoDo update already pre-installed. We tested out the copy and paste functionality on the test units here, and it worked without a hitch at all.
  • The color scheme on the original HD7 was more of HTC’s usual silver and gray; meanwhile, AT&T opted for an all-black scheme instead, likely to differentiate itself from both the HD7 and the Android-powered Inspire 4G which also has that same trademark silver and gray look.
  • The display was indeed brighter and had deeper colors than the HD7 in our comparison tests, though not so much as to show a significant difference on camera.
  • Unless you’re huge into the display and NoDo, the only other reason to get this device over the HD7 is if you prefer AT&T over T-Mobile. However, if you’re on AT&T and looking specifically for a Windows Phone 7 device, the HD7S will be my recommendation.
  • The HD7S will not be a 4G device.

The HD7S will offer a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 5 MP camera, and a “surround sound” speaker underneath the included metal kickstand that can be propped up when watching movies. More details on pricing and availability as they come, though I expect to see the HD7S start out at $199.99.

Watch below for plenty more pictures of the brand-new device!

Author: Brad Molen

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