AT&T Acknowledges Amazon Appstore Obstacle, Working on Clearing it

Are you an Android user on AT&T’s network? Have you been upset or at least a little perturbed that you haven’t been able to download Angry Birds Rio onto your phone because it’s technically third-party software that cannot be downloaded or installed on your phone? We had a hunch that AT&T would begin looking into getting rid of this block as soon as the Amazon Appstore proved popular enough, and it turns out we were right.

AT&T appears to be focused on a solution, and has just come out with a sign-up page that will keep you posted on any updates regarding the Amazon Appstore situation. On the official site AT&T says:

AT&T is working on allowing purchases and downloads from the Amazon Appstore for Android in the near future. Please select your AT&T Android smartphone from the list below and provide your email address so we can notify you after we have finalized our plans to bring the Amazon Appstore for Android to AT&T customers.

If it does happen, it most likely means this would come as an update to your Android phone. But will it come to every Android phone AT&T has sold, or only the latest and greatest Androids?

We’re very happy about this news, and hope that this opportunity will come soon rather than later.

Go to AT&T’s official sign-up page

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Anonymous

    This is pretty old news. It was announced on the day of Amazon Appstore launch, two days ago.

  • Vincent Messina

    I have a better idea. How about we do away with back door deals and exclusives! Let Rovio release their app where it belongs: The Official Android Market! If they don’t want to release it on the Android Market then they have to deal with the fact that their app won’t reach a particular userbase. Am I supposed to believe Rovio wasn’t aware of AT&T’s policy regarding 3rd party apps? Give me a break! iOS is the same exact way but for some odd reason Rovio accepts the ways of Jobs. Why so different with Android?

  • Simony99

    I have an android phone and had no problem downloading angry birds except for the fact i could not find amazon app store because it was down. Amyone who had any problem is an idiot. Its all commom sense stuff.

  • Anonymous

    You didn’t have a problem because you’re not on ATampT.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone, including T-Mobile customers, is try to make ATampT act like a good carrier and not a bad APPLE wannabie.

  • Hans Peter

    The Amazon appstore was said to have only 3800 apps in store. This seems to be a small number, considering that you can find, using any files search engine like, , a few thousand free Android apps for downloading in the net.

  • Pilanian is not an official ATT site. It is a private site trying to phish information from Android users.

  • Youngies

    If it wasn’t for my ATRIX, I’d be off AT&T because of the heavy restrictions that they put on their phones (case in point). But nice update. Glad to see giant corporations give in to popular demand.