O2 UK won’t launch Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on April 1 like other operators, software bugs to blame

O2 UK has announced earlier that it won’t be able to launch the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play on April 1 like it had originally intended (and announced). The reason has to do with certain unspecified bugs in the smartphone’s software, which O2 thinks will prevent prospective owners from having a good experience with the device. Therefore, it has decided to postpone the release until Sony Ericsson irons out the bugs that they’ve encountered. There’s no exact timeline given, but O2 expects the process to take about a couple of weeks. That means that O2 customers could finally be able to purchase the first PlayStation certified phone from their network around the middle of April.

Interestingly, O2 is the only UK operator who decided to postpone the release of the Xperia Play. Vodafone and Orange will launch the device as originally intended, on April 1. It would be interesting to know if these two networks decided to simply ignore the bugs that O2 has seen. Perhaps each operator gets its own custom firmware though, which would explain why the bugs have been spotted only in O2’s – maybe they’ve only made it onto that software version.

Anyway, Sony Ericsson has come out with a response and stressed the fact that it’s working with O2 to fix the software issues and get the Xperia Play in shops as soon as possible. Again, “a couple of weeks” is mentioned as a prospective timeframe for the release.

So, O2 customers, there’s just a little bit more waiting to do if you wanted to get a PlayStation phone. Hang in there. Or, alternatively, jump ship to one of the other operators!

Via Pocket-lint and Eurogamer

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Hope they fix it!