Orange UK offers the iPad 2 for £199 with contract

Apple’s iPad 2 has started to become available internationally today. One of the key markets for Apple outside the US is undoubtedly the UK. And while you can obviously just head to the nearest Apple store and buy an unsubsidized iPad 2 direct from there for full price, there are other options.

Orange UK will, for example, sell you the iPad 2 for only £199. For that amount of cash, you’ll get the iPad 2 3G 16 GB. The only requirement (you know you saw this coming!) is that you sign a new 24-month contract with the operator. If you wanted to get a 3G iPad 2 anyway, and were going to need to get a data SIM for it, then why not consider this offer? Yes, it ties you down to Orange for two years, but on the other hand, you get the tablet for a full £200 less than Apple’s recommended retail price for this model.

If you choose to take advantage of this offer after all, you’ll be paying £25 per month for data as part of your contract agreement. That will give you 1 GB of traffic allowance each month. You’ll also get an additional 1 GB each month for use only between 12 AM and 4 PM, which apparently are the network’s off-peak hours for data use.

To get the iPad 2 from Orange, just click here.

Via Tech Digest

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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