Report: iOS 5 Postponed Until Fall?

Add this to the rumor list, but TechCrunch is throwing its two cents into the iPhone and iOS rumor pot. They are reporting that the next-generation version of iOS will not be coming out this summer as originally assumed, but is being pushed back to sometime in the fall for release. If this is the case, expect iOS 5.0 to be unveiled at WWDC in June, most likely with a developer-friendly download available at that time.

Naturally, if this rumor is true, that more than likely means the iPhone 5 will be pushed back until fall as well. We can’t imagine the newest iPhone coming out without the next OS version already on it, as has been the tradition every year up until now. Certainly this would correspond with previous rumors reported that mentioned the new iPhone being pushed back until this fall, so these reports are gaining strength by numbers.

The new 5.0 update would be a major revamp of the OS, adding a significant amount of focus to cloud-based features, such as Music Locker and Find my Friends. These cloud features will likely be discussed in June at WWDC, integrated with OS X Lion, and heavily used on all iOS devices — the list of which may include a new type of iPad expected to come out in September as well, according to TechCrunch. The MobileMe event originally planned for April will probably not happen now, but get pushed back to the June event instead.

This is still a rumor and has not been confirmed officially by Apple.

Source: TechCrunch


Author: Brad Molen

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    Cloud based streaming music and a location service? WOW it’s like someone put Pandora and Google Latitude on my phone, AMAZING! I hope those aren’t the big headline features.