Microsoft launches support tool for fixing Windows Phone 7 update problems

Now that the NoDo update has been finally released to Windows Phone 7 users, Microsoft wants to make sure updates are rolling-out smoothly. And it looks like they are, since I haven’t seen any complaints from users.

However, just in case errors show up, Microsoft has released a so-called Windows Phone Support Tool, which “fixes problems that prevent your Windows Phone 7 from updating successfully.”

More exactly, the tool fixes the following two errors:

  • 800705B4: The timer ran out on what we were trying to do
  • 80180080: We couldn’t update your phone because your operating system might be corrupt

So, if you’ve encountered any of these errors while updating your WP7 smartphone, the Windows Phone Support Tool can help – it’s available for download here at Microsoft.

Via WP Central

Author: Florin

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