Sprint Nexus S 4G may become available on April 6 at Best Buy

Sprint has announced the Nexus S 4G, its very own version of the Samsung-made Google Nexus S, a couple of weeks ago, and since then, Best Buy has started taking pre-orders for the Google device. However, we still don’t know when exactly this phone will start shipping to eager Sprint and/or Best Buy customers.

Earlier today it seemed like this dilemma was put to rest once and for all, as according to MobileBurn, BestBuy updated its pre-order page for the Sprint-specific Nexus S and stated that the handset would start shipping on April 6. That’s only a couple of days away, but sadly in a short while Best Buy changed their site yet again, and now it reads “coming soon” again. All references to April 6 have been removed.

Obviously, this can mean one of two things. Either someone at Best Buy made a mistake and posted erroneous information on the website, or perhaps the release date actually will be April 6, but someone mistakingly posted the date too soon. Although with only two days remaining until April 6, it’s kind of questionable why Best Buy would like to still keep that info secret.

Anyway, we’ll find out in exactly two days what this was. Until then, those of you eager to get their Nexus S 4G have something to be hopeful for.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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