Nokia E7 now available in the US for $679

The Nokia E7 has finally become available in the USA, direct from Nokia’s online store. Pre-orders have been running for about a month, and the smartphone is now finally in stock and waiting to be shipped to eager American customers.

The price is exactly that which Nokia asked during the pre-order phase: $679. Of course, this will give you a SIM-free, unlocked device with no “new two-year contract” business. Even so, it is quite expensive. One may even consider it prohibitively priced, especially in a market with such little love for anything Nokia as the US.

The E7 is also more than $200 more expensive than the N8 in the US. Sure, the E7 has a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard and a bigger screen, but on the other hand the N8 has a far better camera. And it’s $230 cheaper. You be the judge.

Hopefully Nokia will officially unveil the big Symbian UI update at its April 12 event, and not just another low-end smartphone. If so, it’s probably good to know that the new UI is expected to make it onto the E7 later this year.

If you want to order a Nokia E7 from Nokia USA, buy now and save $20 with code e7save20. Offer valid through 4.11.11.

Via IntoMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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